Our service offers a list of top local e-commerce websites for each country for you to select.
  • Comprehensive Serive

    We provide the value-added and customized services you require. Our service is based on a thorough acquaintance with customers. We receive customers' responses every day and report technical analysis.

  • Right Partners

    01 We analyze the tendency and trend of products and introduce the best partner company for our clients.

    02 By analyzing sales data of SEVEN-HUB and similar category sales for each country, we propose the optimal contract conditions for each country.

  • Monitoring Service

    01 By analyzing the sales method and tendency of each contracted or soon to-be-contracted company, we will provide our clients with the right information of our client's current capacity as a distributor, based on data.

    02 By analyzing the sales and marketing method of existing distribution, we offer our clients the best solution.

  • Regulation Report

    01 We will provide you with all the information you need to know in order to enter the market, including product-specific regulations and relevant laws.

    02 We will introduce relevant companies and organizations to carry out related regulations and laws.