Our service offers a list of top local e-commerce websites for each country for you to select.
  • Buying Solution

    1) Fast inquiring system.

    2) Processes and management by our supply networks.

    3) The whole process can be carried out on your mobile phone.

    4) Multi-inspection system for matching customer's request.

  • Sales Solution

    1) Highly skilled sales reps by Smart Interdeal (

    2) Processes and management methodology for customized sales

    3) Sales culture focused on customer proximity

    4) Best-in-class tools to support contextualized sales

    5) Strategic solutions to better understand the customer

    6) Accumulated customer needs by Smart Interdeal system

  • Financing Solution

    1) Many traditional 3PL providers have transitioned into 4PL providers by being aggregators supplying Chinese resources

    2) Add a layer of synergy between the supply chain and the financing.

    3) Risk aversion

    4) Cost-efficient

    5) Leverage economy of scale

  • ESCROW Solution