Commercial use of SNS, Differences in SNS by Country

Differences in SNS by Country (US VS. Asia) and Speical Tips for Commercial Use!

  • May 17, 2019
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  • - Popular, commercially utilized SNS between America and Asia is different!
  • - Difference in Facebook marketing costs (US VS. Asia)
  • - Birth of a service(SEVEN-HUB) that enables optimized SNS marketing in Asian countries to be carried out with just one click!

In recent years, there has been an increasing demand for companies that strategically utilize these SNS commercially, aside from sharing personal relationships and daily life through SNS worldwide. According to Pew Research Center, the most popular SNS for Americans is YouTube (about 73%), followed by Facebook (about 68%). Instagram in third place, Pinterest in fourth place, Snapchat in fifth place. And Statistics were compiled about the sixth place SNS which is Linkedin, a business activity channel among companies or jop search network site.

On the other hand, SNS, which Koreans mainly use, is completely different from SNS ranking of USA. It was confirmed that Facebook was ranked first, Instagram was second, third was Naver band, fourth was KaKao story, fifth was Twitter, and sixth was KaKao. In particular, statistics show that Instagram is mainly used by women in their 20s and 30s, while 40s and 50s use the Naver bands and KaKao Stories.

In terms of the popularity of social media in the US, Korea, and Japan, Facebook, a social network that is not a messenger, is at the top. However, in the case of China, which is a huge market in Asia, messenger Wechat, which is not a social network, occupies about 62% of the market share, so it is said that the business potential of Wechat Messenger is unlimited.

In Japan, it uses Twitter much more than Facebook. Twitter claims that 35 million active users in Japan use Twitter every month. Considering there are 127 million people living in the country, 35 million reaches 27.5% of the population. Facebook is not being used as much in other countries, but more and more businesses are increasingly using it as they discover the commercial benefits of social media including Facebook .

Given that the popularity of SNS according to the types of SNS in the US and Asian countries is very different, SNS marketing strategy using customized and precise targeting for each country is considerably essential from the business perspective of companies.

But this is not everything. The cost of advertising on Facebook, a marketing tool actively used by many companies in the US and Asian countries, shows a marked difference between the US and Asian countries. Let's look at the cost of CPM, which clearly shows the difference in marketing costs for Facebook. CPM is  the cost per thousand impressions. CPM   Advertisers that post ads set the amount they want to pay when thier ad is displayed 1,000 times, and they select the specific ad placements to show their ads and pay the cost each time an ad is served.

For instance, in North America including the US, the CPM cost of Facebook is approximately $12, but the cost of Facebook CPM in the APAC region is only $2.92. This shows that it is commercially very advantageous to conduct Facebook marketing in Asia in terms of price and ROI.   

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