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Sensational Business Platform Provider That Connects Brands to Asian E-Commerce: SEVEN-HUB!

  • By Joe Kang
  • May 7, 2019
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SEVEN-HUB, which is a B2C, B2B online platform and a rising star in the cross-border e-commerce, provides cloud-based e-commerce solutions that enable brands and manufacturers to increase the demand, scale and profitability of their global sales through numerous online channels in Asia. Through automation, analytics, and optimization, SEVEN-HUB leverages a single inventory feed to more efficiently list and advertise products online, connecting you with shoppers in other regions to increase demands and sales.

In other words, once the brand simply registers its products on SEVEN-HUB platform, then SEVEN-HUB allows products to be automatically registered on about 50 online marketplaces in six Asian countries (Korea, China, Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Singapore) through API linkage. Therefore, it enables the sale of direct overseas goods through cross-border transaction, which is simpler and faster than traditional import and export methods, which could very complicated. If the brand company registers their products on SEVEN-HUB, it provides all in one service for tasks (including logistics, details page registration, translation, CS, marketing, etc.) that inevitably derive from  selling products. 

Currently, the coverage of SEVEN-HUB’s six-nation online marketplaces is amazing. For example, in Korea, SEVEN-HUB is subscribed to almost all large online shopping malls that exist in Korea. The figure is 90% now, but the coverage level is close to 100% because all shopping malls used by most of consumers are already registered. Other Asian countries do not have as big coverage as Korea does, but because they are also subscribed to major online marketplaces in each country, in fact, brands have no problem promoting their brands and products in those countries and ultimately seeking to improve sales. Moreover, the subscription of the U.S. brand companies to SEVEN-HUB is expected to accelerate as it is busily running for more shopping mall registration in each Asian country within this year.


l  Key Features of SEVEN-HUB

-          Control and maintain your retail prices through all selected online marketplaces.

-          Have access to markets in 6 countries in Asia immediately without having your own offices in each country. (China, Hong Kong, Japan, Korea, Singapore, Taiwan)

-          Have access to 50+ B2C online marketplaces without dealing complexities (e.g. 11st, Coupang, Gmarket, JD, Lazada, Qoo10, Rakuten, Tmall, VIP +)

-          Have consumers in each country to understand and learn about your brand and your products in their local languages.  

-          Have consumers in each country to feel ease with having customer services in their local languages and in their local dialects.

-          Reduce or eliminate unauthorized resellers.

-          Build demands for your brand and your products through all selected online marketplaces.

-          Create marketing programs to support retail push.

-          Build volumes to where retail has strategic interest with the proof of concept is supported.